I Prodotti

Oil, Wine and local products

Extra virgin olive oil, green gold, is a typical product of the Tuscan land, its flavor and properties are known throughout the world.

Villa Isa is surrounded by beautiful olive trees that offer the possibility of obtaining a top quality product that you can taste at any time.

The Tuscan hills are known throughout the world, as well as for their beauty, also for the fine wines that they produce each year. Even the Maremma is fertile land of evocative and famous vineyards that will make you immerse in our tradition.

Villa Isa offers you the chance to taste all this by the pool in a romantic and relaxing environment.

The territory and the gastronomic culture that surrounds Villa Isa offer us the possibility of making available to products of 0 km of the highest quality.

The flavors of the true Tuscan tradition will win you over thanks to their simplicity and goodness. Cold cuts, pickles, precious honeys, cheeses are just some of the delights that will make your holiday even more unforgettable.